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City of Lights

France: Paris, Chartres, Versailles

Travelling to Paris with kids: This do-it-yourself dad planned this “Part II” of their 21-day summer vacation in France. An additional 7 day itinerary through Paris with one day excursions allowed this family of 4 to enjoy Paris on their summer break.

Renaissance France

France- Sarlat la Caneda, Dordogne River Valley, Loire Valley and Normandy

Travelling with kids to France: This family of 4 spent a total of three weeks during their summer break exploring France. This trip features this families first part of their French journey through Sarlat la Caneda, Amboise and the Loire Valley, Mont St. Michel and the Bayeux. This do-it-yourself dad planned this entire economically friendly trip and really found the majestic areas of France.