Alaska: Anchorage and Inside Passage

Anchorage, Alaska

Voyage of the Glaciers

Fly in/out: Anchorage, Alaska/Vancouver Canada

Recommended ages: 5 and up

Best Season: June-August

Pace: Easy to Moderate

Ball Park Price: $1,500/person for 5 travelers

Time Zone UTC – 9 hours (3 hours earlier the CST)


DAY ONE: Fly United to Anchorage Alaska. Pick up rental car. Check into Anchorage Marriott Downtown. Ride the Red Trolley to get a fun overview of Anchorage. Enjoy dinner in downtown Anchorage

While Whale WatchingDAY TWO: Drive 2 hours and take a glacier trek at Matanuska Glacier. Stop and have a late lunch at Grand View Cafe.

DAY THREE: Take a beautiful drive to Kenai Fjords National Park. Hike Exit Glacier. Go into town of Seward Alaska and enjoy some crepes at Le Barn Appetit. Do some souvenir shopping in Seward.

DAY FOUR: Take Alaskan Railroad from Anchorage to Whittier, Alaska to board Princess Cruises. Take southbound trip “Voyage of the Glaciers.”

DAY FIVE & SIX: Scenic cruising viewing Hubbard Glacier and Glacier National Park.

Misty Fjords National Monument
Misty Fjords National Monument

DAY SEVEN: In Skagway, take “Glacier Point and Wilderness Safari” excursion offered by Princess. Included bus ride, walk, kayak close to a glacier to hear it calving and melting, and a hike back. Nice excursion for kids to run off steam.

DAY EIGHT: Arrive in Juneau and take an excursion ”Mendenhall Glacier and Whale Quest” which included a coach bus ride, a small hike close to the glacier and a transfer to a small boat for a lovely scenic ride viewing whales, sea lions and bald eagles.

DAY NINE: Take a ziplining tour through Ketchikan for the younger generation. For the older generation, take a tour boat through Misty Fjords National Monument.

DAY TEN: Day at Sea.

DAY TEN: Arrive early in Vancouver and fly home.

Vacation Highlights

Whale Watching

  • A remarkable multi-generational trip!
  • We enjoyed exploring around Anchorage and Seward before our cruise. This allowed us to get acclimated to Anchorage’s time zone and see some beautiful glaciers up close.
  • The Alaskan Railroad taking us from Anchorage to the port in Whittier was a relaxing and memorable two hour train ride. The kids were able to walk around the train and go to the little dining car with snacks and coffee.
  • The Princess Cruise through Alaska was a great trip offering experiences for all generations. The scenery was breathtaking and there were multiple excursion options to allow kids to have adventure and grandparents to enjoy Alaskan scenery. We booked very worthwhile excursions that were tailored to both young and old.

Vacation Hightlights

Great Excursions

  • Climbing Matanuska-Our kids all time favorite. Once they donned on their crampons, they were hiking through crevasses, seracs, moulins, and ice caves. Multiple hikes available for different age groups.
  • Kayaking at Mendenhall- There is nothing quite like the sound of a melting glacier.
  • Ziplining in Ketchikan- Ziplining in Alaska!

Explore Alaska

Places to stay

  • Downtown Anchorage Marriott
    Downtown Anchorage Marriott
    Marriott Downtown Anchorage had an indoor pool and a full breakfast buffet. A family must.
  • Princess Cruise Lines offered a variety of activities for all ages. We had a quality experience at a reasonable cruising cost.

Princess Cruises
Princess Cruises


Train to Seward Alaska

  • Plan outdoor excursions to allow kids to run off steam and energy. The 6 day itinerary for most Alaskan trips only has 3 days off the ship so plan accordingly.
  • We took the extra day or two in Anchorage to adjust to the time zone in order to stay up for dinners on the cruise.
  • When on a cruise, book a standard dining time to get to know the dining staff and crew and get a regular table. This helps a lot for kids to know the wait staff and more importantly for the staff to know the kids and all their dining desires.
  • Most Alaskan cruises will require some winter clothing and solid windbreakers. It is fabulous to be outdoors and take in all the scenery, but there is quite the nip in the air on a moving cruiseship.

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