About Favi Travel

About Favi Travel

Why Favi Travel?

When I am planning a family vacation, the first thing I do is ask my friends about their favorite family trip. I ask about everything they did from A to Z: how they got there, what they did, where they stayed and any insider tips on how to make their trip a success. Then, with a bit of research, I can book an amazing personalized vacation. That is the concept behind this website. To share the best family vacations that others have experienced and enjoyed after they have done all the research and planning. At Favitravel (Family Adventure Vacations and Itineraries) each trip page includes all the essential elements for planning a memorable trip, a complete itinerary with embedded links on topics including how to get around safely, family friendly hotels, outstanding tour guides, best excursions, local eateries, helpful hints and insider tips–lessons learned from a parent perspective.

I’ve met with over 50 well-traveled friends and family who were bursting with information about their family vacation. I will continue to build the site as I learn more, so you will have countless ideas to choose from with unusual locations and differing price points. I’ve discovered that adventuresome family vacationers are a unique breed who are always thinking about the next place they can explore. They’re extensive researchers and do-it-yourselfers. They try to be economical when possible and balance that with knowing when to kick back a little. The bottom line is that friends and families shared what they remembered as the best part of each trip. And isn’t making memories what travelling is all about?

Why Adventure Travel with Kids?

I also believe in the value of adventurous family vacations. It opens the minds of our children to explore, take risks, and try new things. Kids adopt a “can do” attitude often before our eyes. My favorite part of travelling the globe is watching a child learn about a different culture in a way that no history book can teach. Their eyes open to differences and their appreciation grows. However, let’s face it, it’s not always a smooth road. Often the most difficult part of a journey can be the most memorable. And the upside is– this instills in kids the ability to face and deal with adversity. There are endless opportunities for kids to develop and grow while traveling adventurously.

About Nancy, Founder, Favitravel.com

My husband and I started travelling with our children 17 years ago. Before kids, we travelled the globe and often without a single reservation. That’s when we fell in love with travel and wanted to share our experience with our children. However, I quickly learned that with kids we needed reservations and a lot more information to make a family excursion a positive one. Some of our favorite trips have been in places you would least expect, and the only “bad” trips were in places where we didn’t have enough information. There are many wonderful websites to use when planning a vacation, but not all of them are family-friendly. That is my hope for this site–to provide exclusive and valuable insider information from a well-travelled community of families.

I hope this site inspires younger families to explore new places and I hope it provides the experienced family traveller with the insights, ideas and tools needed to plan a great family adventure.

If you are interested in learning more about any of these one of a kind family vacation and need assistance in planning a vacation of your own, please feel free to contact me at nancyhoying@favitravel.com

Bon voyage!!